Music: The Calm in the Eye of a Storm

Fade in: Music
Fade out: Fighting, Family, Fault
What is it about those first lines of a song
Loud as possible but still silky smooth
That makes every nerve ending in my body relax
Suddenly calm washes over me in the midst of a storm
And yet the storm rages on
My mom’s voice raises another octave threatening to compete with the music
And my fingers caress the plus button that will allow me to drown her out for good
But still, I can here when the door slams shut
And for a moment my heart toys with the idea of letting the pain and the anger return
And my mind pleads with every ounce of desperation to return to that fight
To finish it, to give her a piece of my mind
To verbally disconnect with the family I am already so far emotionally detached from
But then the music continues, that beautiful chord is struck and a little voice of reason cuts in
It speaks rationally, in a way that my passionately angered mind cannot
And so, I accept my inability to return to the fight
A door has been closed
A heavy silence and the power of my music lies between my mother and I
The fight, the one that will never truly end, begins to retreat, accepting defeat
For now at least
I release my carefully planned out arguments,
Promising to return to them in the near future
But for now I relax,
The lines across my forehead slowly dissipating as I immerse myself in the music

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