Baking: A Love-Hate Relationship

Reasons Why I Hate Baking

  1. Everyone suddenly pretends to be your best friend, only they really want their stomach to be best friends with the food.
  2. Burns.
  3. The desire to eat everything.
  4. Not being able to eat everything.
  5. Being roped into baking for every event. Every. Single. Event.
  6. Eating everything anyway.
  7. The unnatural friendliness strangers suddenly posses towards you and your plate of goodies.
  8. Forgetting to leave the butter out before I actually want to bake.
  9. The feeling that you must have used every pot, pan, spoon, mixer, blender, knife, fork, and spork in existence when you have to clean them all at the end.

Reasons Why I Love Baking

  1. The calming repetition that mixing provides.
  2. The sweet smells of warm sugar, flour, and butter coming together and wafting through my house.
  3. Eating cookies so soon after they come out of the oven that they’re almost too hot.
  4. Slightly, but perfectly, under-baked brownies.
  5. New recipes. Of my own, or others’ creation.
  6. Traditions.
  7. Sharing with friends (the real ones, not the spur-of-the-moment-I-like-sugar ones).
  8. The belief in healing that it instills in me.

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